We are extremely happy to officially announce a new partnership with Bio Eco Actual. With a combined reach of 10 million impacts to readers per year, Bio Eco Actual is a widely regarded publisher that raises awareness about organic goods, ethical consumption, and sustainability.

We at the awards value collaboration and are especially excited to create partnerships between green makers. When it comes to working on our common goal of a more natural world where ethical consumption and sustainability are the main pillars, collaboration is a must.

Our partnership with Bio Eco Actual will bring exposure and shine the light on the finest European-made cosmetics nominated at the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023.

Learn more about this groundbreaking media and read the latest industry news at Bio Eco Actual’s website >

Bio Eco Actual x European Natural Beauty Awards

PS. Welcome to join the exciting awards year of 2023 also – discovering forward-thinking European natural cosmetics with us! Follow the daily updates of the awards and join the conversation on our social media to discuss more >