In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Slovenian natural cosmetics brand Wai aila, as told by the brand:

“Wai aila is a puzzle of two Hawaiian words translated as oil and water. These are the basic elements in the manufacture of cosmetics, which blend into luxurious fragrant products with antioxidants, vitamins, and plant ingredients. 

My name is Tadeja. I am a granddaughter and grandmother at the same time in a family of five generations. We are united by a passion for nature and the sea. That’s why Amphora is the trademark of the Wai aila brand. In the past, amphoras contained olive oil, which, along with the Mediterranean myrtle and lavender, is part of the award-nominated Moisturising firming cream.

As founder and formulator of Wai aila, I face the needs of skin through all generations (even with the thin skin of my 99-year-old grandmother). That’s why I choose the best oils, butter, and plant extracts that nourish, moisturize, and soothe dry skin and fight the signs of aging in a friendly way.

The goal of Wai aila products is nourished skin with a healthy protective barrier that will successfully protect us from environmental influence even in old age. On top of the award-nominated moisturizing firming cream, the Wai aila facial care line contains moisturizing firming serum, nourishing timeless cream, and nourishing lip balm.

My skin used to be dry and irritated. I tried a sea of creams. After education in the field of natural cosmetics and aromatherapy, I fully trust my products, and I no longer have skin problems. Walking up a nearby hill I feel inspired and I usually get a bunch of creative ideas. It is from them that fragrant natural cosmetics are formed, made by hand, in smaller quantities.

Just as we choose clothes propriate to weather conditions, we need to take care of our skin with the best products according to the season, too. I focus on layering, both in skin care and in dressing, for the maximum results. 

Wai aila is more than skin care. Wai aila is custom beauty.”

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