In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural cosmetics brand Sumilayi, as told by the brand:

“Sumilayi turned recently six, but most people have heard of us during the last four years. We spent the beginning almost entirely in product development. The first product we introduced to the market was Sumilayi Leave-in. At first, we sold it mainly at hair events in Helsinki, Finland, before expanding to the online store and salons. Since the launch of the product, it has made curly hair care easier and more fun both at home and in salons.

The key to the creation of our products is Curly hair needs extra nourishing love! With this in mind, we developed our formulas, examining the purest and highest quality ingredients to find the perfect blend, full of nutrition that brings curls into blossom.

We believe all hair can be beautiful, and this is where Sumilayi stands out. Sumilayi was created to help those who have almost given up on their stubborn, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. We want everyone to start enjoying their hair and feeling beautiful every day. 

Four years ago, we launched a new curly care line, and our much-loved Leave-in was no longer our only product. With the new Ooh So Soft Curls product line, our products were now able to bring joy to washday from start to finish. We expanded sales from hair events to online stores and salons. At the same time, in 2019, the Curly Girl method became the biggest beauty trend of the year in Finland, and all over Europe. It was a pleasure to offer products to all the hair enthusiastic curly girls and boys.

There was also a different perspective; some of the places we offered our products to, responded: “These kinds of trends tend to fade away quickly, so it makes no sense to invest in new products.” As time has passed we can proudly say that the interest in bringing out the natural beauty of hair has only grown.

We are super happy to have not one but two products nominated for the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. And especially, when the nominees are from our latest product family. We have been asked for fragrance-free product family many times and here they are; My Beautiful Zen Curls Shampoo and Conditioner.


My Beautiful Zen Curls is a hydrating and gentle fragrance-free shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The shampoo contains deep hydrating ingredients to treat your scalp, such as cucumber, ivy and arnica extracts and Saccharide Isomerate.

Plant derived Saccharide Isomerate moisturizes dry scalp, strengthen scalp barrier and provides reduction of scalp flaking. Cucumber extract is nutrient rich including amino acids, fatty acids and vitamin C, while arnica extract is known for its gentle antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Ivy extract moisturizes hair and scalp and balances its sebum secretion.

My Beautiful Zen Curls Conditioner is a nurturing and gentle fragrance-free conditioner for all hair types. It improves the moisture balance and brings shine and softness to your hair. It makes your hair more manageable and prevents split ends.

Cucumber extract is rich in nutrients, containing amino acids, fatty acids that refresh your hair. Burdock extract moisturizes the hair. Malva extract contains plenty of nutrients that support hair well-being. It binds moisture to your hair and protects it from environmental pollution and UV radiation. Betaine moisturizes and reduces static electricity and makes hair easy to comb, soft, and shiny.

Welcome to follow our journey!”

Get to know Sumilayi even better on their website at and follow the brand’s journey on Sumilayi’s Instagram account >

Photos with models – credit: Photos by Bleumonde