In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Spanish natural cosmetics brand MyGreen Cosmetics, as told by the brand:

My name is Miguel Galeón and I would love to introduce you to my new line of Premium Organic Natural Cosmetics, radically different from anything you have seen so far: MyGREEN.

MyGreen is Natural Cosmetics of high concentration and purity. It is slow cosmetics (we make our own extracts!). Obtaining 40% more concentration of active ingredient) clean, sustainable and does not contain any toxic ingredients. It is 100% natural. So natural that you could even eat it.

It’s only premium green cosmetics: PURE-RAW-WILD AND EXUBERATING.

Right now there is nothing like it on the market. It surprises by its aroma (it uses the most expensive essential oils on the market); by its colour (a truly natural cream cannot be white!); by its generous and complex formula (52 ingredients, something unparalleled) and of course by its effectiveness! It is the new GREEN LUXURY.

I was a disciple and right-hand man of the renowned Japanese make-up artist Shu Uemura who you may know , and my dream was to honor my master with the launch of an exclusive line of Premium Organic Natural Cosmetics: MyGreen , with a sophisticated oriental touch, that I would love you to discover!

After months of analyzing the growing natural cosmetics market,I  quickly realized that all the brands have a certain similarity. Repetitive messages, both in aesthetics and formulation, gave me the opportunity to launch something radically different, surprising, original and beautiful, following the origins of Japanese philosophy and Oriental Beauty Ceremonies, with the Beauty Cycle of Slow Cosmetics. Developing this concept means creating exclusive cosmetics, with exotic ingredients extracted from the wisdom of the plants used in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and European Monastic Medicine, revisiting and updating an almost forgotten way of doing things, which is making a strong comeback as authentic Cosmetic Phytotherapy.

My formulas are unique and unrepeatable, recovering the ancestral tradition with exclusive plant synergies that enhance the action and results of the formulas, because they combine different plants with similar properties, enhancing the function of each botanical extract, recreating the concept of More is More as opposed to the well-known Less is more.

The high concentration of active ingredients, the different botanical synergies that interact on the skin, add to the extreme generosity of nature, thus creating baroque formulas in the Pure, Raw and Wild style of botanical properties. MyGreen seeks excellence in every sense and offers true Green Luxury for the skin, with more ingredients, more actives, more colours, more aromas, more richness, more coherence, more truth and more art…BECAUSE MORE IS MORE!

MyGreen is Slow-Cosmetic, we produce our own botanical extracts using only high-quality raw materials, achieving a much higher concentration of pure active ingredients. We capture all the richness of nature by using the whole plant. Not simply isolating a single active molecule, we utilize each and every one nature has to offer. This provides us with a surprising wealth of molecules that complement each other producing complex healing formulas.

MyGreen is a polyactive line, very rich, complete, and extremely generous in active ingredients, that treats all needs and skin types, without any toxic or artificial additives.

We use only high-quality raw materials and produce our own botanical extracts to enhance the effectiveness of the formulas, with exclusive plant synergies and novel and original wild ingredients. Slow cosmetics for real and visible results!

MyGreen captures all the richness of nature by using the whole plant. Not simply isolating a single active molecule, we utilize each and every one nature has to offer. This provides us with a surprising wealth of molecules that complement each other producing complex healing formulas.

Our line is polyactive, very rich, complete, and extremely generous, with novel and original wild ingredients combined in exclusive plant synergies to enhance the effectiveness of the formulas, for real and visible results. Treating all needs and skin types, without any toxic or artificial additives!

MyGreen is an authentic cosmetic phytotherapy. It is for everybody and any skin type, and will eventually cover all skin needs;  it is really for nature lovers who want to reconnect with nature and their own nature. MyGreen Cosmetics are Premium Selective Natural Cosmetics, so anyone looking for excellence, efficacy, and beauty, with a crafty DeLuxe touch is welcome!

My first launch, Youth Dream contains 11 flowers: Bulgarian rose, orange blossom, violets, iris, osmanthus, mallow, helichrysum, cornflower, hibiscus, lotus, and rose hip – among the 52 ingredients it contains! It is an exceptional cream, with spectacular results (immediate lifting effect, anti-fatigue, anti-spot, and radiant luminosity) and a wonderful aroma based on the most precious essential oils and their aromatherapeutic properties. 

It is also surprising for its artistic oriental origami packaging (each box is assembled by hand, it is the new “Crafty DeLuxe” ) representing the symbolism of Creation: a lotus flower (Perfection) with 8 petals (the Infinite), which, when hatching, shows us its precious nectar. It is exclusively decorated by Dr. Hu Wei, Professor Emeritus of Art at Shanghai University, who does hyper-impressionism. It is in itself a beautiful artistic object. 

Inside we discover a delicate sphere (Totality) of soft bamboo, topped by a Mandala of 8 branches representing fern leaves (Harmony) opening, and crowned by a golden spatula (Aurum: bright dawn). Its recommended retail price is €195.

I am very excited as I have just launched three new amazing facial oils of my upcoming Face Oil Collection of seven. They are packed in a new beautiful origami box series, again painted exclusively with artistic images of birds and flowers, this time in yellow tones…soooo pretty!

Each oil is and will be a blend of several cold-pressed precious plant oils, plant extracts, and essential oils to treat skin deeply with amazing visible results! Join the journey and stay tuned for the four upcoming facial oils!

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