In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Estonian natural cosmetics brand LUMI, as told by the brand:

Nature. Science. Balance. These are the three pillars that guide LUMI. 

Created as a spin-off from the University of Tartu in 2012, LUMI marries cutting-edge skincare research with the finest organic ingredients. Nothing enters the composition of a LUMI product until its efficacy and provenance has been established beyond doubt, and striking the right balance between ingredients is paramount.

The result? A natural and organic skincare range that achieves the same results as artificial industry staples whilst containing none of the usual pollutants. LUMI makes pioneering use of cold-pressed domestically grown plants, with a special focus on industrial hemp. All hemp and other natural ingredients used in LUMI products are harvested by the brand themselves, allowing for complete control and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Founder Helen Hirv was compelled to create LUMI after her young daughter developed a skin condition:

“It’s hard to watch your own child struggle. She developed dermatitis when she first attended kindergarten, likely due to stress. I was working at the University of Tartu at the time and sought a solution. I knew that harsh chemicals were not the way forward, because I’d read that they merely hide symptoms temporarily and can cause more harm than good.

My partner was already growing hemp for his own business, and I’d just read some Finnish research about consuming hemp oil for dermatitis. I wanted to try it – both internally and externally. The results were so amazing that I thought, ‘Oh my god! Why isn’t everyone using this already?’ I wanted to help others, and through the university, I had the opportunity to found LUMI for that purpose.”

Picture of the European Natural Beauty Awards Nominee product Smooth Estonian  anti cellulite Gel

These beginnings have ensured that LUMI retains a focus on treating problematic skin and maintaining the health of happy skin. Every product has the health of the skin and its microbiome at the forefront of its design, and LUMI’s hypoallergenic Bio-Klinik range has been specially created to meet the needs of those with an array of skin conditions.

This insistence on skin health and refusal to compromise on quality has seen the brand go from strength to strength. LUMI has recently launched several new product lines, including offerings geared towards men’s skin, the aforementioned Bio-Klinik series, and a unique graceful ageing line. As their success continues and the ranks of satisfied customers swell, LUMI poses a thorny question to industry heavyweights – if they can produce natural products this effective, why can’t you?

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