In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Dutch natural cosmetics brand Karma Mama, as told by the brand:

Every successful brand has an inspiring story behind it, and Karma Mama is no exception. Leonie Stevens, the founder and a mother herself, has had a lifelong passion for skincare and a strong connection to nature. During her time in Asia, she developed a profound appreciation for Thailand, a country renowned for its stunning natural beauty and holistic approach to wellness and beauty

The Thai people, who have been using natural ingredients and active botanicals for their well-being for centuries, deeply touched and inspired Leonie. They have passed down their knowledge of rituals and natural remedies from one generation to another. 

When Leonie returned to the Netherlands, she noticed that many women in her inner circle were becoming pregnant. It became clear to her that there were no natural skincare products available that would meet her own high standards and beliefs as a pregnant woman. 

This realization motivated her to create Karma Mama, a skincare brand that is deeply rooted in nature and specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of mothers and their little ones.

The Mission and Vision of Karma Mama

Karma Mama’s mission is simple yet profound – to inspire and connect with parents who are on a quest for a more responsible lifestyle. The brand understands that being a parent is not just about taking care of our little ones; it’s about taking care of the world they will inherit.

With a vision to redefine the standards of prenatal and postnatal and newborn skincare, Karma Mama strives to create a community where mothers can find solace, guidance, and inspiration. By offering a range of products that are safe, effective, and luxurious,

the brand aims to enhance the well-being of mothers and their little ones, allowing them to fully embrace and enjoy the transformative experience of motherhood.

At Karma Mama they are firm believers that everything they do has an impact. From the products they use to the choices they make, each decision shapes the world we leave behind for our little ones. That’s why they have made it their mission to create skincare products that are free from controversial ingredients that could be harmful to you, your family, or our precious planet.

Their commitment is simple – they only use ingredients that benefit both the product and your skin. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure it is not only safe but also effective. Karma Mama believes in the power of nature and harnesses its potential to create skincare solutions that truly work.

Karma Mama’s nominated Beautiful Body Oil 

Karma Mama products stand out not only for their exceptional quality but also for their unique features and specialties. Each product is carefully formulated using natural and organic ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers who share Karma Mama’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

One of the brand’s standout offerings is the Beautiful Body Oil, a high-performing body oil specially designed to keep your skin in optimal condition during pregnancy and improve skin texture postpartum. This nourishing blend of botanical oils and plant actives boosts the elasticity of stretching skin, helps prevent stretch marks, and improves the appearance of existing striae. Its luxurious texture and delicate fragrance make it ideal for a soft belly rub or massage, creating an intimate bonding moment between you and your baby.

Ingredients Used in Karma Mama Products

Karma Mama’s dedication to providing safe and effective products is reflected in their careful selection of ingredients. The brand prioritizes natural and organic ingredients, avoiding harmful substances such as parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

Their products are developed with great expertise and their formulas find their origin in the science of botany (phytology). Phyto-cosmetology combines the knowledge of plants-based ingredients and botanical extracts with a deep understanding of the skin. 

Only the highest quality of cold pressed oil, natural butters and active botanicals make their way to their formulas. Every ingredient is carefully selected, researched and tested to make sure you and your little can enjoy clean and safe products that work in harmony with the skin.

Some of the key ingredients you will find in Karma Mama products include nourishing oils like jojoba, rosehip, coconut, grape seed, avocado and argan oil, known for their ability to moisturize and promote skin elasticity. Botanical extracts such as calendula, chamomile, and lavender provide soothing and calming properties, perfect for relieving the discomforts often associated with pregnancy. These thoughtfully selected ingredients work synergistically to provide optimal care for your skin, leaving it healthy, radiant, and beautifully nourished.

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