In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the German natural cosmetics brand Green Monkey Club, as told by the brand:


Professional, natural and sustainable hair care products.

We want to establish the power of nature in the professional salon environment. We are convinced that the future of hair care lies in naturalness and sustainability.

That’s why we offer our professional products in recyclable glass bottles, do without outer packaging and only use natural ingredients of the highest quality. The perfect solution for those who value quality, performance and sustainability.

Green Monkey Club started as a Family and friends business but has now grown into an experienced team of friends, enthusiasts, and experts in a wide range of fields.

Karin Kohlenbach

“We have all known each other in the team for a long time and are friends and experts from a wide variety of fields. That’s a lot of fun. Together we work to ensure that our products not only have the perfect effect, but also look great in the bathroom. Sustainability is a matter of course for us. So it quickly became clear to me that a beautifully designed glass is exactly the right packaging for us. Easy to recycle and – in my opinion – pretty to look at.”

Karin Kohlenbach, Co-Founder & CEO

As a business graduate, Karin has been working in the field of branding and communication for over 20 years . With Green Monkey Club she now combines her passion for brands with her love for hair and cosmetics.

Sergül Süme-Freisleder

“We are at the beginning of our exciting Green Monkey Club journey. The course has been set to make our vision a reality. We never lose sight of our values ​​- such as the utmost care for our natural products.”

Sergül Süme-Freisleder, Co-Founder & Sales & Marketing Director.

Sergül has over 20 years of expertise in marketing, digital marketing and sales. Most recently, she was able to help build a startup and lead it to success.

Andreas Nieling

“We develop our products ourselves with a lot of care, know-how and together with our customers. We only use the best ingredients. All ingredients are of the highest quality, natural and certified organic.”

Andreas Nieling, Co-Founder & Creative Director

In the parents’ hair salon growing up, Andreas has hair cutting and styling in his DNA. For more than 25 years he has been running his own salons as a master hairdresser, hairstylist, and international trainer.

Who doesn’t know the beautiful feeling of sun, beach and a salty sea breeze that makes our hair feel full and soft at the same time? We wanted to take exactly that feeling of “a day at the seaside” home with us. And so, in fact, our friend & hairstylist Andreas Nieling took home a bottle of seawater from the saline pools of Es Trenc (Mallorca) and started experimenting with it.

Through his years of expertise, he knew exactly what he wanted: a grippy texture, volume with simultaneous care. So, with a lot of love, passion and several series of experiments, our first three seawater sprays were created later. The first texture sprays in the professional hair care market based on real seawater – 100% natural, no animal testing and in best professional hairdressing quality. By professionals – for professionals.

Natural seawater: The basis of our men’s favourite, the MATT Spray

Natural seawater contains numerous minerals (such as potassium, calcium, magnesium) in addition to sodium 
and vital trace elements (such as copper, zinc, iodine). It stimulates metabolism and cell renewal. Hair and scalp are cared for, soothed and supplied with important nutrients. The seawater used comes from the Es Trenc salt pans in Mallorca. Due to the special inland location of the saltworks, no energy-intensive filtering of microplastics from the seawater is necessary. The seawater is stored in the natural salt pans for as long 
until it has the perfect composition for the Green Monkey Club styling products.

A plus in care for men’s hair

The Green Monkey Club MATT Spray not only gives men’s hair a cool, matt finish, but also cares for it at the same time.

With lavender oil: Lavender oil has soothing and moisturising effects for the hair and smells wonderful. It regenerates the hair’s natural protective lipid film. It also has an antibacterial effect and can help against dandruff and scalp problems.

With the innovative, natural and moisturising preservative PENTYLENE GLYCOL: It is extracted from sugar cane and corn and, in contrast to the mostly used preservative alcohol, provides the hair with additional moisture.


All ingredients are of the highest quality, 100% natural and certified organic. Like our other products, our MATT Spray is free of silicones, paraffins, parabens and other artificial additives. Chemicals don’t stand a chance at Green Monkey Club. In addition, we strictly reject animal testing. “Not only do we attach great importance to nature and sustainability, but we also make sure to use only recycled and natural materials in our design and packaging,” says Karin Kohlenbach. The MATT spray therefore does not have any outer packaging.

MATT Spray – Limited Black Edition: 

As a man´s special we have designed a MATT Spray Black Edition and are offering it in limited quantities for a limited period of time. Extra cool, extra masculine. Also ideal as a unique gift.

New Shampoo and Conditioner Bars 

We are very proud to announce that we have recently launched our first solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. As usual at Green Monkey Club, the solid bars contain only the best natural ingredients, are vegan, HANDMADE WITH LOVE and completely plastic-free. Even the packaging is made from innovative and sustainable sugar cane paper, which is made out of waste materials from the sugar production. 

With the launch of the NATURAL SHINE Shampoo Bar and the SWEET TENDER Conditioner Bar, we can offer our customers a complete volume and care set for the first time. 

And you can be excited because more great products will follow soon.”

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