In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Spanish natural cosmetics brand Cosmetics Herbera, as told by the brand:

Behind Herbera is me, Mayte García, a pharmacist captivated by the world of dermopharmacy and phytotherapy. My story begins in a small workshop in Granada, when I finished my degree in Pharmacy and started to work in a pharmaceutical laboratory. It was there that my passion for cosmetics awakened and I was able to combine my knowledge of botany and medicinal plants with cosmetic formulation techniques. 

The beginnings were personalised formulas, created for personal use and for friends. Then came the collaboration with the University of Granada for provision of courses and workshops to raise awareness of phytotherapy as a tool for personal and family health. 

I travelled to Central America to investigate the relationship between indigenous communities and plants and learnt about new species that I did not know about here. 

It was there that my passion for cosmetics awakened and I was able to combine my knowledge of botany and medicinal plants with cosmetic formulation techniques. 

After all this learning, in September 2016 I created my own laboratory in Madrid and Herbera was born, my grain of sand to organic, ethical, and sustainable skincare.

Cosmetics, nature and sustainability come together in Herbera, a firm with well-defined values where awareness and respect for the environment are as important as the quality of the products.  

We have managed to unite the most ancient knowledge of pharmaceutical botany with scientific advances in dermocosmetics, creating ecological and innovative formulas.  

We manufacture our products in Spain, more specifically in the capital of Madrid, where we have our own laboratory. We are committed to life in any of its forms, which is why we are natural, organic, sustainable, and certified vegan cosmetics.

We design cutting-edge formulas, combining organic ingredients and biotechnological active ingredients to obtain 100% effective results in the treatment and care of healthy skin. 

We have pioneered the use of these pure actives in high concentrations, stating their concentration transparently on labels. The results have been the trust of our customers and the awards obtained for the high efficacy of our formulas. 

We are certified by BioInspecta under the BioVidaSana Standard, one of the most demanding certifiers in organic cosmetics. We comply with the highest standards in organic cosmetics with a percentage of more than 90% of organic ingredients in most of our products (category 1) certified with the Ecoplus Seal. 

We are also certified with PETA International as a cruelty-free and vegan brand ensuring that Herbera is 100% VEGAN. We are committed to life in all its forms, therefore, in addition to not using any animal ingredients, all our packaging is made of purple glass, recyclable and the paper or cardboard comes from sustainable forests. 

Our brand is recommended for people of all ages, from adolescence to maturity.  We comply with the highest standards in organic cosmetics with a percentage of more than 90% of organic ingredients in most of our products (category 1) certified with the Ecoplus Seal.  

Our consumers are concerned about the environment and look for products that are sustainable and ethically produced. They value that the products are formulated with botanical ingredients from organic crops as this ensures that the plants we use have not been fumigated with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  

They prefer products that minimize the negative impact on the planet, in addition to caring about their health and well-being. They value the transparency of the brand in terms of its formulation, communication on the web, social networks and product labeling.  

They look for products with organic or cruelty-free certifications that generate more confidence and that are brands committed to sustainability throughout their manufacturing process.  

They appreciate taking care of their skin and trust Cosmetics Herbera to find high-quality products that fit their value, backed by personalized customer service that gives them confidence. 

The brand offers products designed for all skin types and conditions. If you suffer from acne or rosacea, we can help you with different treatments that improve your skin, the same happens if you have sensitive, oily or combination skin. 

At Cosmetics Herbera we have formulated this contour to cover the overall treatment of the eye contour. Its concentration in witch hazel and ginkgo biloba improves microcirculation and drainage, improving the appearance of bags and dark circles. It is enriched with prebiotics to maintain the balance of the microbiome in this delicate area. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates wrinkles, filling them and providing intense and immediate hydration.

• Improves drainage, reducing congestion accumulated in the bags.  

• Hydration. Its moisturizing effect is maintained throughout the day.  

• Prevents wrinkles and provides firmness. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 

• Stimulates microcirculation. Reducing the appearance of dark circles.  

• Balances the skin microbiome around the eye. High tolerance in sensitive skin. 

Make sure the eye area is completely clean. With your ring finger, apply the amount of contour equivalent to a grain of rice around the entire bony area of the eyes from the inside to the outside, gently tapping until the product is completely absorbed. Apply on top of the eyebrow, from the inner corner to the top. Use your thumb and index finger, gently pinching the skin and stretching the muscles, including those between the eyebrows.

Behind the scenes, the Cosmetics HERBERA team works tirelessly to offer high quality products, ensuring that only certified organic ingredients are used in our products, avoiding any chemical components harmful to both health and the environment. 

Our new launches are the result of a deep research and development process, where we apply advanced formulation and innovation techniques. Each newly created product undergoes extensive dermatological testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness for any skin type. We take advantage of advances in biotechnology and materials science to achieve visible results with technological innovations in the advanced cosmetics sector.  

Once development and manufacturing is completed, our passionate marketing team unleashes their creativity to prepare all communication channels and present our new product to the #herberalovers community and we do it with enthusiasm and motivation, as we are deeply committed to this project that forms people with the same philosophy and values.  

Step by step, we continue working to offer cosmetic products committed to people, society and the planet.  

In short, our dedication and passion are reflected in safe, effective and environmentally friendly products, backed by an unwavering commitment to quality and ethics at every stage, from the laboratory to our remote team. 

We have a big launch for this November 2024. We are excited, it’s going to be a new stage in Cosmetics Herbera. We hope you like it.

We would like to highlight our commitment to quality, at Cosmetics HERBERA we use ingredients from organic agriculture. Each ingredient is carefully selected and thoroughly tested to ensure purity and effectiveness. We believe that quality is essential to obtain visible results in skin care. 

Continuous research and development are part of the company’s daily life.  We strive to be at the forefront of dermatology research and formulation technology. Working to reduce our environmental impact in all stages of production and packaging. 

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