In the awards November series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Estonian natural cosmetics brand By Mukk, as told by the brand:

By mukk is created by a mother-daughter duo based on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. Gerda, who is behind the formula creation and production, has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field and cosmetology. Sabine has a background in design and focuses on packaging, brand visualisation, and communication

We are driven by the idea of a transparent ingredient list. by mukk was created with an emphasis on natural, simplicity and quality. We are proud of our formulas and the natural ingredients. Untraditionally, all ingredients are visible on the front side of the packaging, in a poetic form. The literature-like format expresses the harmony and the beauty of the natural components created together. It is important that nothing is hidden and knowledge about what the product consists of remains the most significant.

We are located on the beautiful Nordic island Saaremaa with peculiar traditions and pure nature. This is where the inspiration and values for by mukk come from. Our skincare line is inspired by the sea and products that are kind to the user and the environment.

Ingredients used are organic or made with green technology. We use various algae extracts in the formulas, including local red algae. Our formulas include postbiotics derived from probiotic technology. With similar properties to probiotics, this helps to stabilise microflora on the skin, provides moisturisation and reduces inflammation while providing broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection of a formulation.

Our product range is gentle, yet effective. Taking into consideration people with reactive and sensitive skin. Many used ingredients, including algae extracts and botanical oils  have antioxidants to neutralise free radicals and protecting properties against daily environmental effects such as air pollution in the cities and blue light from the screens.

Our Face Wash is nominated for the European Natural Beauty Awards 2023. It quickly became very popular among our clients, especially being an unisex product. It is a no-stripping washing gel, that foams beautifully thanks to the natural rice protein. We have included locally sourced red algae for nourishment. The formula includes natural salicylic acid exfoliation for cell renewal and antimicrobial activity in the form of white willow bark. The resinous and herbal scent is created with a mix of sandalwood and rosemary. The formula includes postbiotics for balanced skin microbiota.

We have a responsible approach toward our in-company operations, ingredients and packaging choices. Independent product development and production takes place in our own studio in Saaremaa giving us more freedom in every stage. This also helps to regulate the product demand and avoid over-production.

In the topic of news, there is something long-awaited in the developing phase, that launches very soon!

As coastal inhabitants, we are looking out for new alternatives to use less plastic and focusing on recyclable materials and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Italian-made amber glass bottles protect the formulas from UV light, enabling them to prolong the freshness of each ingredient. Without emitting any harmful toxins and hormone-like chemicals, glass is 100% recyclable too. The rectangle shape creates a more compact product, taking less space in the parcel, travel bag or on the shelf.

Our creams and masks come in aluminium tubes, that are lightweight and airtight. Keeping the formulas freshness.  Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without any loss in quality and recycling uses 95% less energy than primary aluminium production.

Last but not least, our cardboard boxes are produced with up-cycling of overabundant algae, to extend the life of resources and decrease virgin raw material use.”

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