BioVidaSana & Herbolario Navarro JOIN THE AWARDS to strengthen the SPANISH NATURAL COSMETICS MARKET

European Natural Beauty Awards (ENBA) 2024 reveals the representation of the Spanish natural cosmetic industry through the participation of esteemed partners: BioVidaSana, a Spanish certification body for organic and natural cosmetics, and Herbolario Navarro, a pioneer Spanish retailer specialising in natural products. These partnerships strengthen the recognition of the ENBA in Spain, in addition to the previously announced partnership with the specialised leading media Bio Eco Actual.

BioVidaSana: Upholding Standards in Natural Cosmetics

The Spanish certification BioVidaSana Certification for organic and natural cosmetics and the European Natural Beauty Awards signed a partnership agreement to highlight the visibility of the awarded cosmetics products and fight against greenwashing in Spain

I think that joining forces to recognise authentic natural cosmetics and to fight against greenwashing is the way to go”,
says Nuria Alonso, CEO of Biocertificación S.L., the company working on the certification and inspection of BioVidaSana-certified products.

BioVidaSana plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity of natural products in the country’s cosmetics sector. Launched in 2012, the standard guarantees that Spanish-certified products meet the highest criteria for organic and natural ingredients.

“This partnership offers a wealth of benefits for the natural beauty community, as BioVidaSana will join the expert jury among others leading European certifications and leverage their network to spread awareness about the ENBA and the awarded brands, empowering consumers to make informed choices, says Macha Chibani, the COO at the ENBA.

Award Recognition and Consumer Exposure

Adding an exciting dimension to the partnership, the awarded products of the ENBA 2024 will be showcased at the BioCultura Fair in Madrid, November 21-24, 2024. The fair attracts approximately 50,000 Spanish end-consumers, offering the awarded cosmetics a valuable platform to connect with a highly engaged audience passionate about natural beauty products.

Herbolario Navarro: A Legacy of Natural Wellness

We are excited to discover the shortlisted products 2024. The European Natural Beauty Awards are a fantastic opportunity to discover high-quality brands dedicated to naturality across Europe”, says Carolina Girbés, Marketing & Communication Director and Cosmetics Category Manager at Herbolario Navarro.

With a rich history dating back to 1771, and 57 establishments Herbolario Navarro is a cornerstone of the natural health movement in Spain as they have provided Spanish customers with high-quality natural products for over 250 years. Herbolario Navarro’s participation in the ENBA reflects their ongoing commitment to supporting innovation and excellence within the natural beauty sector.

“Herbolario Navarro brings valuable buyer insight and a deep understanding of consumer preferences to the expert jury, ensuring the awarded products resonate with a broader audience”, says Macha Chibani, the COO at the ENBA.

“At Herbolario Navarro we firmly believe that companies have the responsibility to recognize, disseminate and support all those initiatives that promote natural cosmetics. These types of cosmetics are gaining more followers every day due to their multiple benefits for people, but also for the environment”, explains Carolina Girbés.

A Commitment to Natural Beauty

“We are honoured to partner with BioVidaSana and Herbolario Navarro for the European Natural Beauty Awards 2024. Their dedication to quality and natural principles aligns perfectly with our mission to celebrate the best in natural beauty across Europe”, says Satu Mäkinen, the founder of the awards.

About BioVidaSana Certification

This project started in 2012 as the result of a collaboration between three entities:

Asociación Vida Sana: This is the driving force in the development of the standard. It is responsible for the promotion of the standard and also of the certified companies at national and international levels.

BioCertificación S.L.: A company which specialises in organic production inspection and certification services. It is responsible, together with the Asociación Vida Sana, for keeping the standard up to date. It is responsible for the inspection and evaluation of the products and the communication between the partners and with the licensees.

Bio. inspecta: This international certification body from Switzerland is responsible for the issuance of certificates.
BioVidaSana currently certifies about 100 cosmetic brands, laboratories and raw material suppliers.


About Herbolario Navarro

Herbolario Navarro is a company with more than 250 years of history, currently led by José Navarro, the sixth generation at the head of the company.

Since its beginnings, this family business has been passed down from parents to children, adapting the business model based on the needs and demands of its clientele, combining innovation and tradition, always with deep respect for the environment and the natural health of people.

The current general manager, José Navarro, is responsible for the expansion of the business, which has gone from being a small herbalist in the commercial heart of Valencia to becoming a network of organic stores that already has 57 establishments spread throughout the national territory, with a unique business concept that combines herbal medicine and organic supermarket.


About the European Natural Beauty Awards

The European Natural Beauty Awards is a recognition and promotion program for the natural beauty industry. Each year, ENBA celebrates the best European natural cosmetics products as well as industry professionals who have significantly contributed to the growth of the sector.