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The European Natural Beauty Awards is a recognition and promotion program for the natural beauty industry. Each year, the awards celebrate the best European natural cosmetics products as well as industry professionals who have significantly contributed to the growth of the sector.

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Cosmetics PRODUCTS Judging Process

The awards are guided by a rigorous evaluation process overseen by two distinct juries.

The participating products go first through an industry professional check to make sure the criteria are being met.

Products that pass the first phase are shortlisted for the awards and move on to the jury testing phase.

Over four months, two distinct juries composed of stars and industry experts evaluate the shortlisted products.

The best of the European natural cosmetics industry in 2024 will be celebrated at the Awards Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on October 9, 2024.


Composed of sustainability specialists, certification bodies, and retailers, this jury brings together diverse expertise to ensure a meticulous and well-rounded evaluation.


Over four months, 50+ European Stars representing the voice of European consumers test the shortlisted products and judge their effectiveness based on their results.

Gemma Whelan

English Actor

Carola Insolera

Norwegian Top Model

Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen

Danish Actor

Hannah van der Westhuysen

British Actor

Naomi Van Den Broeck

Belgian Athlete

Emilie Ullerup

Danish Actor

Mareva Galanter

French Actor/ Singer

Boglárka Kapás

Hungarian Athlete

Krista Kosonen

Finnish Actor

Katarina Čas

Slovenian Actor


BADGE EUROPEAN natural beauty awards 2024
A LABEL: Awarded products and businesses showing their commitment to high-quality natural ingredients, innovation, sustainability, and efficacy are honoured with the “ENBA Excellence” label. A label that helps conscious consumers identify the best products in the market.

The products and businesses awarded gain exposure across our diverse network, including media partners, industry organizations, and our channels.

NETWORKING EVENTS: For shortlisted brands, establishments, and personalities, we offer several opportunities to connect with key industry players in Europe and forge valuable connections that can open new doors.



Natural beauty Podcast

Natural Beauty Podcast brings you the latest news from the natural beauty scene.

In the episodes, we share exciting industry news of course, though we have also important and deep discussions on the state of our beauty industries around the world.

By following the Natural Beauty Podcast, you will also stay updated with the highlights of the European Natural Beauty Awards.


Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertaining and educational purposes only. If you have health concerns, seek professional medical advice.

Note: Prior, this podcast was Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast, hence the episodes from 2020-2022 are the original Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast episodes.

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“I think natural beauty is the ultimate beauty – and the ultimate luxury – that the world is looking for in these very special times.”

Satu Mäkinen
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